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World ATM Congress 2021


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The person listed below will be considered the Main Point of Contact and will receive the confirmation email that this Primary Exhibitor Contract has been received. The person listed below will also receive the Exhibitor Zone login credentials.



The name and email address listed below has been imported from the Main POC information above and will be displayed in the Exhibitor virtual profile that is viewable on the World ATM Congress website. This information will also be published in the Congress Guide as your Company contact information. If you need to make changes to the below contact information, please make your updates now. You can also make updates to the Marketing POC information within your Exhibitor profile located in the Exhibitor Zone. By default, your company name cannot be changed. To update your COMPANY NAME you will need to email and request that the company name be changed.



For contracting purposes, the Billing Point of Contact listed below shall be liable for all charges, and the Billing Point of Contact’s address will be listed as the Invoice Billing address. YOUR INVOICE WILL BE EMAILED TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED BELOW. Please ensure that the correct billing/invoice address and email address is typed in. If you need to CHANGE/UPDATE the billing/invoice address, please email the change/update to and



We DO NOT provide Stand Builders login credentials to access the Exhibitor Zone to order services/equipment unless the “Receive login information for Exhibitor Zone” box is checked below. If the box is NOT checked, and/or you do NOT provide your Stand Builder’s information, YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT YOUR STAND BUILDER DIRECTLY TO WORK OUT THE LOGISTICS WITH THEM, OR PROVIDE THEM WITH YOUR LOGIN CREDENTIALS TO ACCESS YOUR EXHIBITOR PROFILE TO VIEW THE EXHIBITOR MANUAL, and ORDER EARLY MOVE-IN/SERVICES/EQUIPMENT, ON YOUR BEHALF.

NOTE: Invoice payment terms are NET 30 days, and in some cases Payable Upon Receipt. Payment for stand space is required PRIOR to being allowed access to the venue. If payment is OUTSTANDING, you will not be allowed to set up your exhibit stand until payment has been received. If requesting Early Move-In, please note that your stand payment must be paid PRIOR to being confirmed for an early move-in slot.




We try to consider your stand type, size, and location preferences, but cannot guarantee that they will be met. If necessary, for the stand allocation, we will assign a different stand to you. There is no entitlement to a specific stand space. The booking of stand size is binding for the Exhibitor and cancellation conditions will apply for subsequent size reductions. Please be aware that minimum sizes apply to different stand types.

NOTE: The 25% credit that you are to receive from WATMC 2020 (if applicable), will be reflected on the Invoice that you receive.

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By entering my name, job title, and email below, this will constitute a legally binding signature for the Exhibiting Company to the terms of this contract, and I, the duly authorized representative of the Exhibiting Company, on behalf of said Exhibiting Company, subscribe and agree to all the Terms and Conditions.

Cancellation/Space Reduction/Stand Type Change Rules
  • Exhibitor Registration Fee: Non-Refundable
  • Refund Schedule:
    • 75 percent refund/credit with receipt of written cancellation/change by 11 June 2021.
    • 50 percent refund/credit with receipt of written cancellation/change by 12 July 2021.
    • 25 percent refund/credit with receipt of written cancellation/change by 11 August 2021.
    • o NO REFUNDS/CREDITS AFTER 11 August 2021 will be made for any stand cancellations, stand space reduction or stand type changes. Cancellations must be made in writing via email Stand space reduction/Stand type changes must be made in writing via email to and

By clicking SUBMIT, you are explicitly accepting the current version of the exhibition Terms and Conditions and the general conditions of participation at World ATM Congress 2021. Exhibiting Company agrees to pay World ATM Congress for said space in accordance with the Terms and Conditions outlined herein, and understands that, once accepted by World ATM Congress, exhibiting Company agrees to comply with all instructions, terms and conditions as set out herein.